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Flashmob. Why? ‘Cause it’s cool.

Good Morning!

In the spirit of the upcoming weekend, I thought I’d post a nifty little dance number from ‘Weeds’ Season 5 that I saw a couple days ago when I was sick in bed watching Showtime On Demand.

I haven’t decided yet whether this joyful group dance is an indicator that Nancy Botwin’s luck is about to turn around, or a comment on how completely out of touch she is with reality as her life inevitably spirals out of control into a black hole of desperation and despair.

Or just a quirky attempt to make a dark and depressing and, let’s be honest, increasingly unwatchable show (Chopping your mother up and selling her organs on the black market? REALLY, Quinn?)… more, uh, enjoyable.  (Isn’t that why we watch TV in the first place?)

Anyway, I know the air date of the episode was about five months ago, and I’m pretty sure the last time Weeds was relevant was 2007.  But I’m a total sucker for “spontaneous” feel-good dance scenes, so here’s a couple more of my favorites from the big screen for good measure.

Hope your Columbus Day weekend is full of joy… And parades, beer maids, sweater vests and marching bands.

…And these guys:

Who DOESNT groove to Hall and Oates on the walk of shame?  Am I right or am I right

Who DOESN'T groove to Hall and Oates on the walk of shame?